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I’m so excited!!!!!! I’m working on a series of stock photos + mockups so I can start up my own Creative Market selling page. I’m waiting to have a few complete series before I apply for a shop page. Meanwhile I’m also working here behind the scenes on my own shop. It’s so exciting! I haven’t felt this good about something in a long time. Years of disability and what feels like failure. It would now seem I’ve not only once again tapped into my creative passion but I have a real goal as to what to do with it.

Teresa Micheile Henderson + Cierra Henderson = stylist/photographer

stock photography for featured images or sliders

Botanical Gardening Stock Photo
example of how it could look on your platform

My stock photography + mockups are being created for bloggers, small business owners, and creatives in mind. All images are styled and designed to enhance your brand aesthetic. They can be easily adapted and used in multiple ways.

mock-up for adding your own text (sold as psd and jpeg)
mockup for adding your own text (sold as psd and jpeg)

Visual content is what is going to help you stand out online. Not all of us can do it all. Maybe you’re a great writer and have a lot to share but aren’t so good behind the camera? You have a lot to say and imagery can help you do that. Visual presentation is what will bring you traffic. It’s not only time for you to up your game on your blog post visuals but it’s time for me to do so as well. No more hurried photo’s after a day of baking… I need to take the time to work on the ascetics of things. Because I do love styling + photography I don’t want to purchase things I can do myself, so not only to I need to up my game on visuals, I also need to create the visuals.

I create so much that I end up not sharing online with you! My daughters business brochures, calling cards and pricing lists are all gorgeous and I’m wondering why I didn’t think about trying to sell them online much earlier?! I’m thinking my illness has had something to do with it. I have had the ideas but not the energy to get them out there. Partly not knowing which direction to focus on has also been an issue. As the saying goes ‘more ideas than time’.  That’s changed because I love what I am doing now. I’ve still got more ideas than time but at least they are all related to the same goal.

I have read the quote a thousand times… love what you do – do what you love. I’m happy to have the opportunity to now do just that. After some much needed rest and recovery I’m going to focus on this. I’ll call it creative therapy. Works for me 😉


Have a wonderful weekend!

Teresa Micheile




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