I doubt it has escaped your radar that house plants have been trending for quite some time. It looks like they’re gonna stick around for awhile too. I received these cute miniature cacti from the HEMA in a pack of three and placed them in small cups. They are adorable on my wall shelf and make for a cute #shelfie. They also look good in my IKEA Kalllax shelving system. Because I have my shelving dividing my living room space I try to not fill all the compartments up. It is good to have some empty space in the cubes so that the light goes through. If the shelving is full the room will appear cluttered and smaller. A few miniature plants add a nice touch without over crowding.

hema_bekers_cactus hema_cactus hema_cactus_macro_50mm_trick_photography img_0074 img_0072 hema_cactus_styling_cabinet hema_cactus_styling hema_cups_cactus_styling_ideas

These little guys really do give you a sting but it’s worth it! 😉

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