Up your visuals. A five day IG challenge for improving your visual content.

On Monday I’m starting an IG challenge for improving your visual content. #upyourvisuals

Let’s face it –visual content is what is going to help us stand out online. We can do a lot –we rock but most of us cannot do it all. I have found through the years that I often hurry things. I’ve baked a scrumptious cake and have done my best to make it look appealing but at the end of the day I’m tired and don’t give enough attention to the photo’s.

For me it’s all about timing + planning. When I plan a party I now plan in time for taking photo’s and styling. I ask for help and prepare things as much as I can in the days before. I can’t tell you how many events I’ve organized where I’ve had hardly one photo to show for it—or ended up using a photo taken by someone else that isn’t to my liking. A few years ago I decorated a wedding venue, baked the cake, made the bouquet and corsages and have almost no photo’s to show for it. Her wedding photographer was a guest that ended up working in the catering because they were short handed – I too was in the kitchen helping with things. I spent hours making wrist corsages the night before and there isn’t one picture… not one :(! Similar story for a high tea I organized. I decorated the chairs, designed my own menu and made everything from scratch. I ended up with a few out of focus photo’s and I actually wanted it all photographed –for me it’s just too much for one day. This is why if I can’t find the time to do it myself I will ask for help and again planning – it’s so important! If I plan in a photo shoot I won’t be left with regrets.

Vintage Rose Brocante

Monday my first IG challenge is starting with the hashtag #upyourvisuals. It’s a five day challenge aiming at getting you and me to up our game when it comes to visual content.

THINK ABOUT the following

-preperation + planning

-lighting + equipment


-signature style 


During the coming week I’ll be posting tips on creating better imagery for your blog, business or product.

I’ll start with the basic 5 ways to help you take better pictures. Then each day I will break down the list and give more tips and provide links to awesome people who are doing it right.

If you’d like to participate please do so. It doesn’t have to be on Monday, you can start whenever you’d like. Also if you want to share your tips please do so in the comments. We’re like-minded creatives and learn the most through each other.

Use the hashtag #upyourvisuals

Wishing you an awesome evening and a cozy autumn day tomorrow!

Cheers, Teresa Micheile

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